Short Fiction

“Unsatisfied,” Waiting to be Forgotten: Stories of Crime and Heartbreak, Inspired by The Replacements

“Most Things Haven’t Worked Out,” Mississippi Noir (Akashic Books, 2016)

“Pillar of Fire,” Medium

“Wrecking Ball,” Lime Hawk

“Shoveling Out,” Memphis Magazine (June 2014)

“In the Neighborhood,” Lazy Fascist Review

“Poughkeepsie,” Needle: A Magazine of Noir

“Lisa De Leeuw Listens to a Dodgers Game, June 1989,” Hobart

“Silv’s List,” DOGZPLOT

“Zero at the Bone,” Battling Boxing Stories

“Yank Byrd’s Idea for a Book,” Out of the Gutter 7

“Poor Box,” Chiron Review 93

“Far From God,” Plots With Guns

“Raised Hearts Hailing: The Poems of Francis Eamon Boyle,” Riverine: An Anthology of Hudson Valley Writers

“City Death Song,” Demolition

“Dirty Blues,” Hardluck Stories: Blues Noir

“Neighborhood Girl,” Out of the Gutter 2 and The Baddest of the Bad

“Death Don’t Have No Mercy,” Thuglit 17

“Most Precious Blood,” Aethlon

“Whatever We’ll Be,” The Shawangunk Review

“Ash Wednesday,” Prima Materia


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