Photo by Jimmy Cajoleas.

William Boyle is from Brooklyn, NY. He is the author of the novel Gravesend, which was recently translated into French and published by François Guérif as #1,000 in the Rivages/Noir collection. Gravesend has been shortlisted, with 4 other novels, for the Prix Polar SNCF 2017, one of the major literary awards in crime fiction, delivered by the French railways national company.  It was nominated for the Grand Prix de Littérature Policière, as well. Boyle is also the author of a book of short stories, Death Don’t Have No Mercy. His second novel, Everything is Broken, will be released in France by Gallmeister in late 2017. He currently lives in Oxford, MS.


Gravesend (Broken River Books, 2013; Rivages/Noir, 2016; forthcoming from No Exit Press in the UK, Polar Verlag in Germany, and Polis in Greece)

Death Don’t Have No Mercy (Broken River Books, 2015; forthcoming from Gallmeister in France)

Everything is Broken (forthcoming from Gallmeister in France)








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